From inception to completion, our team at Phoenix Multi Media can create the products you are looking for. Here are a few examples of the work we specialize in:


  • Live Video Production
  • IMAG for Conferences, Banquets and Concerts
  • Editing - On Site and Post
  • Live Graphics for Presentations
  • Video Capture
  • Duplication
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Industrial Video Production
  • Training Video Production - Safety and Professional


Process Updates:

Keep your staff up to date as you implement new process to your areas work flow.  Many times employees who are coming back to work after a period of leave are spending time on their return catching up on revised requirements.  Making a video recording of these polices and procedures would save time on your employees return.  It also serves as reference material for employees, refreshing themselves on the policies and procedures.



Safety and Awareness:

Safety in any organization is paramount.  Allow our company to build a custom sight specific video presentation for your temporary, and full time staff as well as your contractors.  This style of presentation allows everyone to receive safety awareness with dependability and continuity.



Promotional Developments:

Sales and demonstrations videos are very prevalent in our work place.  To get your message out to the public allow our team to develop an informative video, to aid your employees, sales representatives and distributors to increase the image you have worked hard to sell.



Multi-Camera Live Production:

Multi-Camera Live Production- This style of production is normally incorporated in Multi person interview sessions, debate, round table discussions, in classroom trainings, product videos and quarterly meetings.  By switching and dropping in graphics live (Power Point can be utilized for a teaching aids), this type of production lends itself well to quick turnaround times, as editing is done on the location, rather than solely in an edit suite.  Phoenix Multi Media is capable of incorporating 8 inputs or sources to make your project come alive.



Presentations, Concerts and Banquets:

IMAG is used for placing presentations on Video Displays or Screens.  IMAG or Image Magnification is used commonly at mass gatherings like conferences, concerts, and presentations that require people to see the action from deep in the audience.  Our company is able to incorporate graphics and power point  presentations into this delivery mechanism to make an added value to your companies over all presentation.



Editing and Production:

If you have footage of your project but do not have the time to dedicate to the assembly of the production elements, allow us to assist you.  Phoenix Multi Media is able to take your recorded information and edit it into your desired program.




Our team is proficient at telling the story through video.  Allow us to take the script and bring the project from inception to completion.



Live Graphics Operations for Presentations:

Allow us to manage your on screen graphics for your presentations at your companies next function.  Placing information on video screens for live presentations like lower thirds (name tags and locators) or full screen graphics to pitch ideas and conference information.  We can also assist in providing a video playback method through the environment .  This operation brings a finished quality to your companies delivery process.




  • Product Video Production
  • Sales Videos
  • Product Awareness



Training - Classroom and Field:

  • Live Single and Multi-Camera Production
  • Custom Training Production



On Site Editing Solution:

For multi day events and times that video information is critical for the next days display, this is the ticket.  Our team uses AVID Editing for its product editing.  We ingest the information live and are able to edit after recording to leave our clients with a means of a finished solution for the next days video presentation.  If a camera recording ( in the way of a one man camera operation) is desired that can also be accommodated in a finished solution.



Coming Soon:

Streaming Production - Internet Web Delivery

Duplication - DVD, USB Devices, Web Distribution

Rental Equipment - Production equipment (with operators)



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